1. Vintage transistor radio sound using your ipod

  2. No destructive modifications to the radio necessary, radio still works

  3. Ear phone output jack re-wired to audio input potentiometer, where the radio detector to potentiometer connection is broken and bypassed to an audio input plug when a plug is inserted into the jack.  Schematic shown here.

  4. Radio had to be restored by replacing electrolytic and paper caps then modified.

  5. Info shared here on how to do this.

  6. Radio details:

  7. built in 1957

  8. 8 transistors

  9. 4 for RF signal chain

  10. 4 for audio signal chain

  11. audio signal chain uses transformer phase splitter and transformer output

  12. no negative feedback used in audio signal chain

Retro ‘Boom Box’ using an Emerson Pioneer 888 Transistor Radio

Photos of Restoration and Modification of the Emerson 888 Pioneer Transistor Radio


February 2011