1. This is my senior design project at Michigan State University

  2. An L-Band UWB Short-Pulse Radar

  3. 80 mW peak transmit power

  4. 2 nS short-pulse

  5. 500 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth

  6. Saturated MMIC/Butterworth HPF short-pulse forming circuitry

  7. Coherent, single conversion transmit/receive chains

  8. Applications include looking through the ground or rubble of a building

  9. The following information is provided:

  10. Summary

  11. Pictures of the hardware

  12. Engineering notes and schematics


ECE480 senior design project.  This radar system creates a UWB impulse of 2nS in duration.  The impulse is created by clipping a Mini-Circuits MMIC amplifier, then high-pass filtering the output with a 600 MHz 5th order Butterworth.  The output of the pulse generator is fed into a mixer, up converted to 2 GHz, amplified to 80 mW peak power, then radiated towards a target scene.  Received RF is coherently converted down to base-band the same way, then digitized using a random sampling scope.

Engineering Notes and Schematics

Short-Pulse radar block diagram

Short-Pulse radar notes and schematics


L-Band UWB Short-Pulse Radar



January-May 2002