Launching the Tin Can Forum!


Welcome all Tin Can Radar builders and hackers! The idea of this website and forum has been in the works for a while now, but is finally being realized.

Please join us in sharing experiences, knowledge, and the excitement of experimentation in everything from electrical engineering, software engineering, and old fashioned tinkering! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. mdabboor says:

    Dear All,

    Do you know if any company can sell the CAN Radar components as a package. I need an easy way to buy all the materials that I need in order to build the radar.

    Best regards,


  2. radarin10 says:

    Yes , we can provide a commercial “CAN” Radar but we need to know the application.

    • mdabboor says:


      Please, do you provide the commercial “CAN” Radar assembled or disassembled? Also, I would like to know how much it costs? It is for my own education, I would like to have a small SAR system. DO you provide different “CAN” Radar systems depending on the application?


      P.S. You can contact me at

  3. argento says:

    I suppose mdabboor is talking the components of the MIT course.

    Check the Bill of materials PDF

  4. argento says:

    Page 14 to 16

  5. jasurbek says:

    First of all thank you very much for your efforts, and I hope there will be more people involved in here.
    I live in Korea and its hard to find all parts required for can radar….as [mdabboor] asked, could you plz suggest any place to buy all of the materials as package online?
    And how about to increase the number of TOPICS in general? (such as DIY UWB radars, DIY Phased array radars and so on.) I think there is not so many forums about DIY radars.
    Thank you. Goodluck.

    radarin10 – could you please let us know how can we get it for learning purposes?

  6. mdabboor says:

    Hello Guys,

    I know about the pdf, but I would like to buy the components all together as package.


    • jpeabodyjr says:

      Currently the parts are not sold as a complete package. We have heard of the possibility of this happening though. If a company ever puts it together as a complete kit we will certainly share that information here. For now you have to locate each component individually.

  7. ROBEL says:

    First of all I want to admire the work you have done you guys . I have seen the project pdf done by MIT student and its amazing.
    what I want to ask is, if you can provide me a little detail of your work. by means that the detailed specifications of the components you used and the reason behind the selection of the components. especially, i am having a big problem understanding the use of the attenuator.

  8. aallegro says:

    Hello Guys,
    this work is fantastic. I’m going to build this project.
    Do you think the CanRadar can be used as GeoRadar?


  9. kjumpmaster says:

    I know these posts are kind of old but building this as part of my Engineering Course at De Anza College, CA with a team. I think our biggest worry right now is the MATLAB coding as none of us have experience with it but have a software geek working with me hopefully we can replicate the work done by MIT. Look forward to any suggestions anyone has on updated code or other resources.


  10. 1.683dspdc says:

    Dear all ı want to make radar what to use software for radrar

  11. mhmtgncr says:

    Are there any people who can explain the using sync pulse on FMCW mode?
    What is purpose of this pulse from the modulator to the left channel pc audio port?
    I hope someones help me to solve this subject.

  12. Jenkins23 says:

    I am looking to make cantenna radar system said in ocw.

    I need to know if I can recreate it for X-band.

    Need to know on compatibility as well.

    I hope someones help me to solve this.


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