Bandage: The user turns their fingers into bandages and can extend them to reach higher places or restrain enemies. Transformation quirks are powers related to temporary body transformations. Erasurehead would have such a hard time with that one. Starts with a maximum of 3 full force uses. Fighting too Variation of Liquid Manipulation, Drink Manipulation, and Elemental Manipulation. You can use the generation box at the top of the page to specify the type, known or new, and then enter the quantity to generate. #bnhaquirkidea #mhashifting #bnhashifting #mhaquirkideas #mha #fyp #fyp". Hey, any quirk ideas based around wool/yarn? I tried, and apologize if this wasnt what you were looking for. #quirks. *aligator appears*. More information is available at the link below, which will also help you contact your representative. If you want them to able to make more than one type of yarn, have them carry different kinds of fabric. Quirk description:Ken'ichican pull out his teeth - which are already naturally sharp (think Kirishima) - and mould theminto weapons, such as swords and daggers. They have different properties too, like some can be electric resistant or elastic. Like any strong quirk this one has major drawbacks consisting of how much the user generates this organism they will loose that much hydration. [2.] But hey useful for torture. Most have quirks, some of the quirks are finished but If anyone could help me workshop some of them u would appreciate. Posts tagged with #quirk ideas. this quirk idea is waterbending, basically elsa but its melted and you cant make a castle while singing let it go like youre the main character lolz Like silk, polyester, nylon, and so on. 264 Likes, TikTok video from Kari (@kari.shifts222_): "Replying to @yubii_9 #shiftingvisuals || KINDA RUSHED #karishifts222_". Pros: -user can fly great heights with practice -user can carry people while flying -user can breathe underwater -user can manipulate water -user can change state of droplets Cons: -user must be healthy to fly properly So basically you answer my questions, and I give you a quirk. The user of this quirk has an carved pumpkin head, the user can breathe an sweet, intoxicating mist from its mouth and make anyone who smell it paralyzed, On drawbacks the user runs out of breath/cant breathe while producing this mist and the skin contact with their own mist may result allergies. necessarily have to be a weak spot (i.e. They can use this to enhance their mobility (creating an updraft beneath their feet as they jump), or hamper anothers movements. I have an OC who uses one but don't want it to be like Kurogiri's. center of gravity, or strength now I love you even more because I love coming up with those sorts of weak quirks so much. 5 coolest quirks in my hero academia and 5 that are just ridiculous 1. By tracing an object with your hand, as in making an outline thats enough for a human to walk through, the user can peel away the surface. Quirk pros:You are able to mentally manipulate those who challenge you, and if they defy you they can suffer the consequences. The user can convert the matter in is body into antimatter. Water Dinosaurs/Sauropods and Spinosaurids (, Sea Fairy Cookie (Cookie Run: Ovenbreak/Cookie Run: Kingdom). Some are more on-the-nose than others - including a few titles that don't mention the water at all would seem fair as well. But as drawbacks since their bones are light they are also very weak, to a point any harsh attack will %90 break them. So, the user is able to gain any information on a computer just by putting their finger. Fishman Karate/Merman Combat Practitioners, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. finally back with some shifting content y'all. core). Only the user can see this, and has no affect on normal people. Place the same thing in the living room or kitchen and you can just walk though the wallpaper and come out where the other one is. Like Endeavor it can be something else as well. It is possible to transport to devices further than 3 feet, but once the quirk is active and the user is mid-teleporting, if they miss the object than theyll land and return to normal wherever the streak hits. The user has to be near water or have water on the in some way. continually repeat every second until the user ends it. He looked me dead i Are you kidding me? More Skilled and powerful users can use water-related weather such as blizzards and rainstorms. They can control water in any of the three forms. Its harder to control if not in your line of sight, and you cant control them all at the same time. The quirk you gained from the spin will dissapear between 5 and 10 minutes if you not spin it again. I have an bnha oc and her outfit is black and white. The power to manipulate water. Think about where you want the supplies for the quirk to come from. This way when you access your door, you wont come out on the other side, but at the other side of the building, or at whichever location you want to thats marked. It may not display this or other websites correctly. But it could be something the character wants to embody. Another drawback is that the user may experience fever, lightheadedness and dizziness due to low blood sugar level. 5th- Emitter- Name- Indestructible- Can make a indestructible barrier around the body of the user, can be extended to things in contact with it. Hearing: The ability to locate and identify an enemy, even if . Weather Manipulation's incredible power put an enormous burden on the user's body, causing cellular degeneration as well as excruciating pain that caused Nine to faint. I'm a girl! (maybe even has diseases caused by this issue), (I can rant about this one forever one of my favs so far), This is an basic one. The flaw to this quirk, though, is that whenever your feelings get to wound up, the ground starts to shake and it might cause . (Side note apparently this quirk is similar to the ability of the main rival in naruto, I wasn't inspired or anything just a weird coincidence). Quirk pros:User is able to shoot beam from practically anywhere, so if captured they could still attack. In some cases, theres multiple spots that have to be I have more ideas than I will ever have time to write. Well Space Pop as a hero name sounds nice to me, and its not strange for heroes to take on the name of their quirk. BnHA Quirk Ideas List | WIP. The user of this quirk is able to blow small, bubble like pumpkin, Jack o Lanterns to be specific. 9th- Emitter- Name- Plant Manipulation- Allows the user to manipulate the growth of plants. This quirk allows its user to produce a colored silky dust that seems to lure humans and animals in and can heal superficial wound if applied which means that user can use it both as a hunting and healing mechanism. Its also elastic. The effects last up to 8minutes before the enemy comes to again. Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. Companies: Become a cause minded company and partner with Water4 to . Quirk tips:For an ultra powerful combo attack, the user should use the strength of their lion legs and aerial speed to attack an enemy from above; kind of like dropping a very heavy rock at the highest point possible onto an enemy - a cannonball, I guess. Quirk Description. So I have multiple quirk ideas that I'll be sharing when I'm free, but as in the midsts of trial exams right now, for today I just want to share the quirk(s) that my OC has as two seperate ideas for players. By doing that, and tying your string around something then letting go, you can fly. This quirk makes its user to learn anything about a person by listening to them, which is by either skin-to-skin contact for enough time or by gathering something that the target keeps close to their heart, although anything they learn is in form of a melody which the user has to figure out which is a drawback. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Emitter? If he runs out of water, his throat becomes dry and he can't speak properly; you take away his water, you take away his voice. The Trident - Three Atlantean warriors (heroes or villains, or Namor-style heroes to Atlantis frequently in conflict with the surface world). Okay- so I have 3 sibling damage-based quirk ideas: Any attack or damage the user inflicts on someone/something will As drawbacks it has to be one of users blueprints, already made ones stolen from someone else wont work. He later does the same for Phantom Thief during the Final War. bnha quirk ideas! Shades of Life are like shades of colour. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! This quirk allows its user to generate stuff by the blueprint of it, as an example user can produce a phone or an car by placing the blueprint of it to the ground. If you dont see any as fitting feel free to ask me and Ill redo them! 12h level 1 maximum size of a goat. Once you figure out what happens next, you can find an opening and a way to defeat him. 4th- Emitter- Name- Chimera Creation- it allows the user to make chimeras creature with the organic life she touches. Having white rabbit arms-hands, entire lower half is covered in white fur and is basically a rabbit lower half with rabbit feet instead as well and a pair of rabbit ears upon the head. The temporary effects last up to half an hourbefore the enemy comes to again. hope you liked them! Like phones, tvs, and computers. Fighting style:Close range - though it is possible that once she trains her quirk well enough, she could spread the seedsfrom her pores across a greater distance. Visual contact is needed, and it does matter if the objects is part of a larger one it only swaps the user size. may I ask for some quirk ideas for something horror related? Quirk pros: Good at restricting stronger/more persistant enemies. Echo or rather Echo Scene because echoes are kinda everywhere and they bounce and move around, it felt like teleportation. Originalton - . In short, emitter quirks are powers related to releasing energies. But no one said it had to be the same fog thingy, so heres some other ways for teleportation. This page generates 6 quirks by default. Can so it with people, animal, plants, and microorganisms. Controlling and manipulating great bodies of water (ponds, lakes, seas, oceans) over an excessive period of time may be exhausting. Quirk pros:Easy to get around the city thanks to flight abilities, high speed, high stamina, large amount of strength, Quirk cons:Despite the wings being good for transport, the weight of those hefty lion legs can weigh you down and cause fatigue if in the air for too long. Drawbacks: Although actually bending water doesnt effect me, creating it does. Quirk pros:A natural supply of weaponary, and one that is easily concealed, Quirk cons:If he uses too many teeth and too many of them break, he has to wait many hours until he becomes useful again (although in game, this should last around 2- 5 minutes at most, just to be fair to the players). 1st- Emitter- Name- (Need help)- it basically starts with the ability to swap places with and objects about the same size of the user. The user has to be near water or have water on the in some way. Echoes are restricted to a certain area too I think? Watch popular content from the following creators: oswald and edward are here(@signdaniella), Idekanymore(@eris_11_11), Asia(@nasia.shifts), Shogun Of The Mist(@mizushogun), Spencer(@spencerhcc), Anime edits (@anime..heaven1), yuh(@chubbydildos), Madi & Kaz(@mha_quirk_ideas), sqearz:)(@sqearz), Genshin is fun . #ideas Then we could try the vision part, but I ended up with television or televise. Youll need good aiming practice for this one, if you try to transport to devices that are in motion. :D. After that the person keeps developing the quirk to the point were it can swap with gases and liquid and mostly ignoring the size rule. any ideas? I have two. Qurk description:Goat legs allow the user of this quirk to have amazing speed and leg strength, allowing them to jump to great heights because of this. bnha quirk ideas! Weakness: makes them tired. Like sight, besides that much cotton floating and sticking around is bound to ruin anyones sense of direction and fighting ability. the quirk is basically the character can teleport to anywhere in their vision (including reflections) and it makes a little pop when they teleport. (Just think of it as Terra's from Teen Titans Go! This quirk allows its user to change the others emotions around them depending on what type of song they sing, for example if the lyrics radiates anger and irritation the ones who are able to hear it will be boiled up with anger from head to toe. absorbs too much damage- itll experience all the damage at once. But the targets move around, so theyre never in the same Scanner- They are able to scan a document over with their eyes and get a perfect copy in their minds that they can after use to write another report on the original report. The user can watch the dreams if they are in physical contact with the target even if not able to change it whatsoever (information based quirk), Yet they suffer from severe insomnia and voice loss from over usage as drawbacks. After that the person keeps developing the quirk to the point were it can swap with gases and liquid and mostly ignoring the size rule. Quirk tips:Player needs to have a good dental care routine; Ken'ichi drinks a milk and calcium shakes, so perhaps if there was a "real world" vibe to the game (eating, drinking) the player could drink calcium rich drinks as a power up. Stringer: Your basically spiderman. What an infinity of power is in the far Atlantic, the boundary of two separate worlds, apart like those of memory and of hope!Letitia Elizabeth Landon, Water is the element of change.Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender). User can flip a coin to gain a power/quirk that would be relevant to the situation they are in, or want to accomplish. The RPGnet Staff. Sure, no problem. The user isn't technically bending water in and of itself. feel free to use them, no credit needed. Other drawbacks of this quirk are its need of skin contact(or an treasured item) and it not being offensive, Again, sorry for taking so long I hope you dont mind! Some suggestions with character ideas attached. original sound - Kari . Yes, you can easily cut your own string with no harm, but it does run out at some point, and needs to form back. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You can only user it in 5 and 5 minutes, and it works on any coin that haves heads or tails. Digitial Transport: Allows the user to convert themselves into data to transfer themselves from one electronic device to another. It isnt because of the tone of their voice or the song, no with this quirk even the most basic melodies sound amazing and have an refreshing affect on body, easing your nerves and numbing your pain putting you in a stage of euphoria and peacefulness. He can convert any specific part of the body to create expulsions, like bakugos. So I spent some time looking at fairy stuff and got some ideas. Quirk tips:Body must be exposed to generate beams! Anyone can use these quirks in their stories they don't have to give credit. They could pluck the material then weave it. Something other than The user can control wind.. 8th- Mutations- Name- Mantis Shrimp- Similar to frog, but it's a mantis shrimp. Quirk cons:However, the fighting style can be a little slow if not well trained (having to be completely accurate and all) and unless you have a lot of muscle mass or at least a decent amount this quirk can be a little risky. Quirk Name. You put water into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. !well, minus the non-hero parents. As a drawback there is no way to stop it, it will literally activate any time user sings and anyone in the range of hearing it will be affected (except of the user). The user can produce fire as an exchange of the sugar in their veins. ContinuationIm also planning to do a comic on it and part of the story line is that her quirk is really powerful but shes not great at using it so it has to be pretty powerful. Quirk cons:Can't be thrown at enemies left and right; there is a limit of 2 enemies max, as beyond that, the mental paralysis begind to affect you (e.g., say you paralysed 3 enemies, that's 24 minutes of slight mental paralysis for you (hallucinations, dizziness, migraines)). Jump headfirst into the wall at a train station and pretend your going to hogwarts the classroom wall and show up anywhere else in the building. in addition, . #mhadr #bnhadr #mhashifting #bnhashifting #shiftingrealities #mhaquirk #bnhaquirk #UnlimitedHPInk #mha #bnha". We send our best wishes to his loved ones. User can damage a person/object by striking a vital spot. This next quirks are from the next generation. <33 (if you have a question about any of the quirks ask in the comments) Quirk Ideas! I guess you could also have some water-based portals? Some suggestions with character ideas attached. they have a thorny body and can store water for long periods of time, meaning they dont need to drink as much. Like water. Discover short videos related to water quirkideas on TikTok.