The Principal of the Year contest that was the spring promotion just captured the radio market and community! Lets head south as in South Florida. Performance & security by Cloudflare. Feel free to copy anything from this article. Ten Great Radio Battles Of The 80s and Early 90s,,, Ten Great Radio Battles Of The '80s and Early '90s. Mentioned before bt the WIBBAGE/WFIL battle was terrificWIFI laterI had my fn on WIBG in 1972 and WIFI in 1975-76. Jay Thomas was hired as the host of "The Power 106 Morning Zoo". It rivals KMEL/KYLD It was a fun time to be in radio with the entire station personal really getting into and believing in each other and working together as a group! In 1998, he dropped a position which he maintained in the following year 1999. [25], On April 15, 2019, J. Cruz, co-host DJ Lechero and Jeff "The Sports Dude" Garcia exited KPWR, with J. Cruz joining KRRL as their new afternoon host. Afternoon host J. Cruz would be moved to mornings after Big Boy's departure until his move to the station in April 2019. The program served as a launching pad for both co-host/sidekicks Tattoo, who left the station in 2010,[21] and Luscious Liz known as Liz Hernandez, who departed on August 22, 2011 to pursue a television career with E! All good ones here. [12][13][14] The station continues to report to Mediabase and BDS as rhythmic contemporary, though the station has begun to lean more urban to take on KRRL. Some other two decade duels included WKY and KOMA in OKC, WDGY and KDWB in Minneapolis/St. I left in the late Summer of 86 and the battle intensified after that, getting so ugly that it eventually went to court. [19] In addition to playing hip hop and rhythmic pop, KPWR continued to embrace dance music tracks and even incorporated them into their daily and weekend mix shows, including the program Power Tools, produced by Gerry Meraz and hosted by Richard Vission. The "Nothern Exposure 2" was also produced on 'Ministry of Sound' in 1997 before releasing separate mix albums in 1998. Both had different styles. SOngs that were too pop for WAMO and B94 didnt touch rhythm or urban except Johnny Gill -Rub You the Right Way. KAJA vs. KCYY (1995 present) Y100 was white-hot when it signed on, but KJ evened up the race by 95 and its been a pretty dead heat ever since. I grew up in NYCi, and spent much of the second half of the 1970s catching the fever for radio as a P1 of BLSand a solid P2 to Top 40 WABCand Larry Bergers great AOR WPLJ-FM. [1] They first began at Power 106 in 1992 with their show creation, " Friday Nite Flavas ". Mid 80s 90s KZZP vs. Y-95 & KKFR AM Drive on ALL three Philly in 87-88? Dj EZ (pronounced 'DJ EEE ZED') is one of the earliest proponents of garage music. Sasha and John Digweed paired up in 1993. 2) WRQX (Q107) vs. WPGC Washington, D.C., between winter 80 and 81 Q107 had debuted a year earlier, but finally caught fire in 1980 as a Rock 40 outlet under Alan Burns. He also got nominated for the Best Single and the Best Dance Recording "Gangster Tripping" in 1999. Thomas left in 1992 when The Baka Boyz took over the morning slot. Power 106's first slogans in 1986 were "Turn on the Fresh New Music Mix", and "I've Made the Power Switch". 414 subscribers PowerTools returns to Power 106 after being off air for short period of time in the 90s (circa 1993). More CHR-flavored Country stations in the late 80s like KMLE Phoenix, KCYY (Y100) San Antonio, and WYAY/WYAI (Y104/Y106) Atlanta took the format to a new place, but this is the one that gave the format its excitement until suddenly Country format battles were everywhere, and often as fierce as CHR wars. He is an English Dj specializing in Drum and bass, Electronic dance music, Dance/Electronic, Pop, and Electronica. WLPV vs 93QFM 1982-83. 96X didnt have any listeners over 22. KPWR was on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop airplay panel from 1997-2005 but reported to mediabase as Rhythmic. Lost by a point and a half and ended up changing format a few months later. WMET (Metromedia) vs. WLUP (Heftel) Chicago. . my faves There were three at the time: Pollack consulted WYSP, WIOQ with Alex Demers, and the mighty 99.3 WMMR where we had an all-star cast which also included consultants Lee Abrams, George Harris and Ted Bolton. The albums were "At The End Of TheCliche," released in 1996, and "Phuture 2000," released in 1999. Carl Cox has nine compilations released between 1994 and 1999 and over 40 remixes released between 1990 and 2000. 24 on the Billboard 200 in March 1993 and went on to achieve platinum status. The WHYT/WDFX battle was fun to listen to (for this non-industry type). But fun! WRQX vs. WAVA Washington, D.C. Sacto 80;s battle?????? 1982 Charleston, WV when Beasley Broadcast Group owned SUPER 102 WVSR and launched the CHR station. And of course KSCS vs. KPLX (1981 present) Each station has seen its doldrums, but the arrival of PPM has certainly tightened up the battle. Share. Plus they NEVER even came close demo wise ever. Having already touched down with the L.A. Leakers for During its years as KBMS and KWST, its format had been beautiful music prior to its flip to a progressive rock format on January 1, 1975. The sale reunited KPWR with the 93.9 frequency under common ownership for the first time since 2012. Sean, did you mean WIOQ and WEGX (Eagle 106)? Billboard's Top Songs of the '90s All Charts 1 Smooth Santana Featuring Rob Thomas 2 How Do I Live LeAnn Rimes 3 Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) Los Del Rio 4 Un-Break My Heart Toni Braxton 5 You. * WNBC (The Next One) going after WABC, late 70s-early 80s; He also set up his radio stationknown as Dimension FM before moving to Freek FM 101.8 in 1994. which, Wayne mentioned, became 98.7 Kiss FM. How about Fresno early 60s, Bill Drakes KYNO and Ron Jacobs K-Make. His discography includes solo releases such as "Psychotrance 2" in 1994, "Mixmag Live!, Vol. Sean, great article and you highlighted some of the great battles that we all enjoyed being a part of or at least listening to and learning from. 7) Country KILT vs. KIKK-FM Houston throughout the 80s At a time when Country was finding its place on FM with a very AC-like presentation, the Houston stations at least enlivened it with great voices and great competitive marketing. The House music album "Pizzamania" was released in 1995, and it included the hits "Happiness," and Trippin' on Sunshine." Sean, Very easy to browse! [34], KPWR logo from 1986 to 1993 (199293 edition), Coordinates: .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}341337N 1180405W / 34.227N 118.068W / 34.227; -118.068. THAT was a huge 4-way war: THE BATTLE IN SEATTLE 1984-1988 or so: KSDO (KS103) vs. B100 San Diego 3,526; 2 years ago; Richard Humpty Vission - Power 106 10th Anniversary Megamix - 80s/90s flashbacks- various genres by Johnny Aftershock. In the early 70s it was WMYQ vs WQAM * KDWB vs. WLOL Minneapolis Two well-matched stations that launched many careers. K-. Another great read as always Sean. Ill just point out some obvious battles like KNIX/KMLE in the desert or KWJJ/KUPL up in Portland. 2) WCBSFM and the SEVERAL attempts by OTHER radio stations to knock it off the top of its perchoh, if ratings could talk these would tell an interesting story, to say the least KPWR-FM 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 8:47 ambrown bag morningsPOWER 106 8:38 amsuperhero (heroes & villains)METRO BOOMIN, FUTURE & CHRIS BROWN 8:35 amkill bill (feat. You remember things about it that I dont until you mention them to me. And in AC battles the KOIT and K101 battle was fun for years with KOIT finally winning the prize and still does. Here in Minneapolis KS95 beat WCCO 12+ in a Mediastat. Early 80s. The dial was packed with rock. Favorited by17., The battle which had me appreciate the fine term Chr rhythmic was close to my home in the Neighborhood of Point Breeze in the city where the Steelers keep rackin up Superbowl wins Pittsburgh. After a few years there and a hit song called Disco Duck, he was fired because he played his own song on the air. CHUM Toronto, A few I recall: Russell has produced music under several pseudonyms such as Sessomatto, Jakatta, Raven Maize, and Doug Willis. Man I love this stuff.way to start a great debate Sean I remember 92.3 The Beat putting Power 106 on blast by adding "No Techno" in their positioner thus roasting Power 106's playlist back in the mid 90's lol :-D. Report as inappropriate. [32] This content began airing in mid-October 2008, and by mid-2009 moved to HD2, replacing Power Dos. Compared to 1999, the average music consumer was under 30 and spent $28 a year. Thanks for a great station! Good article, but since the focus was RELATIVELY narrow, I thought Id throw in one or two of my own that a LOT of people barely even remember It basically broke down the door, stole the ball and ran away with it. And wktu became an alternative between bls and kiss sadly wktu went off the air in 1984, never again will nyc have 3 stations that really played the sounds on of streets on it again. [6], KPWR picked up additional competition in May 2005 when KXOL-FM dropped its Spanish adult contemporary format for a Hispanic rhythmic, or hurban, format known as "Latino 96.3". Harry Romero (formerly 'Choo Choo') is in the middle of a particularly purple patch right now. The market had the AC format WVAF, V-100 and WKLC FM 105 Rock station. You had WMMRs mid 80s domination lead to Howard Stern coming to WYSP and taking down John DeBellas Morning Zoo leading to a run of WYSP at the top while MMR floundered for most of the 90s. PDs concentrated on just one station, not a group. We'd love to chat. Lest we forget: WMMS/Cleveland defeated all comers for over a decade 1975-1986. KPWR (105.9 FM) branded as Power 106 is a commercial radio station in Los Angeles, California, broadcasting to the Greater Los Angeles area. I enjoyed every moment of grief we gave Elroy! Gemtracks is a marketplace for original beats and instrumental backing tracks you can use for your own songs. Oakenfold's first work in the 1990s was a music collaboration with Terry Farley, Osborne, and Andrew Weatherall to create two remixes for Happy Mondays. If you're looking to deepen your understanding of this topic, you might want to read our article on 5+ BEST Turkish Musical Instruments + How They Are Played now. "Tribal Jedi," released in 1996, and "Dr. Funk," which was released in 1999 and was produced by Edel UK Records in conjunction with Worldwide Ultimatum Records. Great article! Two great PDs, Steve Harris vs. Majics Jim Snowden(consulted by Jerry Clifton), and two great airstaffs. Continue with Recommended Cookies. Mine are as much distinguished by their on-air and promotional energy, and by the musical changes they sparked. Detroit actually had a three-way CHR war going during 1988-89 you had WHYT, WDFX, and WCZY/All Hits Z95.5, which was oriented more toward adults with a more conservative playlist and Dick Purtan in the mornings. WHen Paula Abdul was singin Forever Your Girl, you heard it on Mix Jamz. * It wasnt my intent, but the list here ends up leaning heavily on CHR, Urban (or something in between). But also one that got ugly enough to end up in court. You forgot about the CHR battle in San Francisco between KYLD(WiLD 94-9) and KZQZ(Z95.7) in the late 1990s-early 2000s. Smooth Jazz WJJZ On Friday, March 12, 1993, at 1:06 pm, Eagle 106 dumped the Top 40 format and became "smooth jazz", with new call letters WJJZ. John Long, PD at WHBQ during this battle, has written an excellent account of this moment in time. Tanner the talent side and Isley the research side. Norman Cook adopted his stage name Fatboy Slim in 1996 and released the albums "Better Living Through Chemistry" in 1996 and "You've Come a Long Way, Baby" in 1998. I really wanted to mix on the air. Z-95 WDRQ usurped them first under PD Brian White and MD Lisa Orlando, then WJLB, which had been on FM for a few years, finally got itself together under new GM Verna Green and PD James Alexander and urged listeners to tune up from 93.1 to 97.9. If you have any questions about Edison, our services, custom research or just have a consumer research problem to solve, we're here to help. WPGC vs Q107 llate 70s -early 80s I was fortunate to be involved in several of the battles mentioned (Sacramento in the 80s and Detroit in the 90s)but what impresses me most is that when Sean thinks of Motown, the first song that comes to mind is Your Mamas on Crack Rock! Well done. KPLZ (as K-PLUS, now Star 101.5) Lest we not forget one of the great CHR battles of the late Tampa. [16] This would become a major issue in the music trades after the station ascended to the top spot in the Los Angeles Arbitron ratings, where both Billboard and Radio & Records had debated as to what reporting panel it would place KPWR (as well as other stations that were using the same formula), which in turn resulted in Billboard launching a Crossover chart and Radio & Records creating a CHR P1A subcategory in 1987. That arrangement ended on April 15, 2009, when KMVN flipped to a Spanish format under a LMA with Grupo Radio Centro of Mexico City. vanderbilt basketball camp, rafa nadal academy scholarship,
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