Dr. Gregory L. Charvat


I’m a co-founder & serve as CTO at TeraDAR, author of the book Small & Short-Range Radar Systems. As CTO at Humatics Corporation, I created the Micro Location technology in my garage. As a 4c co-founder at Hyperfine ($HYPR on NASDAQ) & Butterfly Network Inc. ($BFLY on NYSE) I was responsible for prototyping their early proof-of-concept medical imaging systems that led to large fundraising rounds. As visiting research scientist at MIT Media Lab I created the Time of Flight Microwave Camera. As a technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, I made a through-wall radar imaging system that won the best paper at the 2010 MSS Tri-Services Radar Symposium and is an MIT Office of the Provost 2011 research highlight. I created the MIT ‘Build a Small Radar course’ (aka the coffee can radar course) which was the top-ranked MIT professional education course in 2011 and has become widely adopted by other universities, laboratories, & organizations. From this work >100 US & International Patents, >75 publications, >4000 citations. I’ve served as a guest commentator on CNN, CBS, Sky News, and as contributing author at Hackaday. Starting at an early age I developed numerous radar systems, over a dozen Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging systems, phased array radar systems, other sensors, radio, and audio equipment.