Dr. Gregory L. Charvat


Guilford Lab

Westbrook Lab

Dec 2011 – Present

The East Lansing Rad Lab

Shown here are photos of my basement laboratory and garage machine shop where I developed most of my work. All of the test equipment was acquired at the Dayton Hamvention between 1996 and 2007. I purchased a used Bridgeport milling machine from an out-of business machine shop on the east side of Detroit. This facility provided the space and the tools to be creative in my radar endeavors. Most importantly it allowed me to work fast. It helps to have a Bridgeport 20 ft from your microwave spectrum analyzer, which is sitting next to your logic analyzer and soldering station. Notice the mess. A clean lab is not a productive lab.

The Grosse Pointe Farms Rad Lab

This is my laboratory that I used to develop all of the projects from the early 90’s up through April 2004. This space was loaded with used test equipment, scrap parts, and tools. 714 small drawers full of new sorted parts. Shelf after shelf of scrap material. Many fun hours were spent toiling in this laboratory. Also shown are two photos of my amateur radio station in the late 90’s.