Dr. Gregory L. Charvat

Line Power Distribution Panel

Line Power Distribution and Filtering Panel

Built at age 16.

  • 120 VAC power distribution panel
  • Green project, allows for the shutting off line voltage to un-used electronics
  • Built out of surplus components
  • Row of breakers
  • EMI filter
  • Line voltage indicator
  • In-line amp meter


I bought an old switch panel at a hamfest for $11 when i was 14 years old. I could not resist the lure of all of the circuit breakers placed in a perfect row with lamp indicators placed above each breaker. I had to make use of this thing, so i mounted the switch panel onto a 19 blank rack plate. I made use of the switch panel as a sort of main power distribution for my amateur radio station in high school, where each breaker controls power to an outlet. Additional features include an old-school line voltage and amperage meter. A high current EMI/RFI filter is placed in-line with the main breaker. Care was taken in dressing the wiring harnesses throughout.

A Really Big Switch Panel

Photos are shown here of the really big switch panel, my official steam punk project. Shown below you will see the wiring harnesses. One photo was taken without a flash, where you can see the red glow of all the indicator lamps. Lamps turn off when a breaker is switched on, thus indicating if a breaker is tripped (when a lamp is on and a breaker is up then the breaker is tripped). Also shown below is the rack chassis, where very little space is taken up by the wiring. Some day maybe i could place a UPS inside of this thing or a variac to drop the voltage down slightly for operating tube equipment.