Dr. Gregory L. Charvat

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

SAR Systems

X-band UWB FMCW Rail SAR

Range-Gated S-Band Rail SAR

Range-Gated X-Band Rail SAR

X-band UWB Impulse Rail SAR

A Low-Power Radar Imaging System

A Unique Approach to FMCW

The MIT IAP 2011 Radar Course Cantenna Radar

SAR Data

Shared here are SAR data acquired acquired on my suite of home-made radar imaging sensors during 2006-2007 while studying applied electromagnetics at Michigan State University as a graduate student. Thank you Mark Richards from Georgia Tech for the idea and to help with presenting it in a way so that it is easy for the student to use.

Download the .zip file. Using MATLAB run ‘……opendta.m.’ The attached .jpg’s show what your image should look like.

If using this for research purposes please cite the references listed in the code.

Additional sources of SAR phase data are listed below.