Dr. Gregory L. Charvat

Home Brew 20 M SSB Transceiver Designed and Built from Scratch

Homebrew with Old School Appearance

Since middle school I have admired the articles in the ARRL handbook, showing scratch-built transceivers, legal limit power amplifiers, and other radio projects. Since then I have wanted to design and build a SSB transceiver. Unfortunately I could not find the time in college but now that I am fully employed and no longer have to study until 2 am every night I have designed and built this 20 M SSB transceiver.

I hope that you enjoy looking at the photos, documents, and that this helps to inspire you to build radio equipment of your own.

This design is solid state, incorporating the latest low noise and low phase-noise receiver design philosophies. It uses a bi-directional signal chain rather than a separate transmitter and receiver. It features an internal power supply and approximately 40 watts PEP output using a MaCom DU2880V dual N-channel RF power mosfet.

Photos of the DIY SSB transceiver at various stages of construction.