Dr. Gregory L. Charvat

Radio Astronomy

1425 MHz Radio Telescope

This is my high school science project.

  • International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 1997
  • 1.425 GHz radio telescope (radiometer)
  • +-25 MHz (approx.) analog spectrum analyzer radiometer
  • Frequency domain blanking
  • Automatic tracking of narrow band signals
  • 3-stage superheterodyne receiver
  • Utilization of surplus military electronics from the 1950’s
  • Applications include mitigation of radio frequency interference (RFI)


This was my high school science fair project. I began development of the 1.425 GHz radio astronomy receiver during the summer of 1995 and finished the project in the spring of 1997. This system was developed for the Grosse Pointe South Radio Astronomy Team (RATS as we were known). It is a triple conversion superhet receiver, with a spectrum analyzer IF. The analog (square law amplitude vs. frequency) output of the spectrum analyzer was fed into an analog signal processor designed using an array of 24 op-amps which would automatically track the four strongest signals and plot their frequency and amplitudes vs. time on a series of strip chart recorders.

Grosse Pointe North/South Radio Astronomy Team (RATS)

1425 MHz Radio Telescope Photos

Complete photographs of the radio telescope receiver showing all subsystems inside and out.